Finding the right CRM can be demanding, there are more than 6oo crm…

Tooly is a decision-making assistant for your next CRM. Simply fill in our diagnosis and Tooly will recommend the three best CRMs for you.

Let us for free tell you if you should change or keep your CRM.

Tooly can help you choose the right CRM

We have designed a diagnostic that evaluates more than 75 business parameters of your company, more than 1500 CRM functionalities and more than 200 CRM adapted for the ecommerce industry.

We use artificial intelligence to give you the best recommendations.

Rest assured

Make sure you’ve made the right decision. Tooly takes care of analyzing the thousands of features according to your needs.

Save time

Don’t waste time evaluating and comparing the hundreds of CRMs available. Take 15 minutes to answer our diagnosis.

Save money

Choosing the right CRM will allow you to increase your sales. Choosing the wrong CRM on the other hand can cost you a lot of time in research, selection, training and integration.

How it works

How much does it cost

$39.99/ employee
(minimum price of $199.99)

> 3 CRM recommendation

> Explanation of the recommendation

> Satisfaction guaranteed


> Questionnaire

> Recommendation to keep, change or not to use a CRM.

We recommend that you have the questionnaire completed for all employees who will be using CRM to help us get all the necessary information and then increase the adoption of the software.

Why Tooly


No commission is taken on CRMs that we recommend. Our recommendation system is based on data.


Our database of features and CRM is up to date to offer the best recommendations.


We are a team of consultants and programmers who have analyzed, integrated, trained and created several CRMs.


” I own a marketing agency and my clients often ask me which CRM to use. To offer the best possible service, I use Tooly in white label. My clients and I are satisfied with the recommendations. It’s ironic to say, but I’m glad I’m not fooled by marketing when it comes to making a decision like which software I should use.  “



Do you offer CRM recommendations for other types of businesses other than online shops?
Yes, however, since some questions will be missing from the diagnosis, we will have to ask them separately. Please note that we offer a customized service to add questions to the diagnosis.
Is my satisfaction guaranteed?
Yes. At Tooly, we guarantee your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with your recommendation, we will continue to help you in your search.
How do you giving good recommendations?
Following the questionnaire, we evaluate more than 75 business parameters of your company. For example, the length of the sales cycle, the volume of your customers annually, your objectives, your fears, your problems, your priorities, etc…
Your answers allow us to associate your business parameters with the functionalities of several software packages. We give better recommendations than the competition because we go further in the analysis of the functionalities of a CRM.
Why online shops?
Having several customers in the field of Ecommerce, we have noticed the urgent need to have a transparent and efficient entity to recommend the best software to use according to your reality.
Why should I have my team fill out the questionnaire?
Your team is an important source of knowledge. Including them in the choice of your next CRM will increase the team’s sense of belonging and increase the adoption rate of your next CRM.
Your employees have different fears and priorities. These differences will be taken into account in our recommendations.
Can you help us with integration?
We evaluate your satisfaction, your priorities, your objectives and we cross-reference the data with the software you use, including CRM. Based on our database of functionalities, we are able to know if you have the right tool in the short, medium or long term.
How do you know if I should change my CRM?
Yes, we are specialists in several software packages and we also have a list of Tooly certified integrators to help you with your CRM integration. We are able to suggest improvements in your processes, integrate your processes into your CRM and answer your questions.

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