Case Study: cGreen, Differentiation through Technology

Software map of GoSale and cVert

The Problem

cGreen’s sales process was fragmented among several software packages creating a constant need for manual data entry.

Their CRM did not give them all the data they wanted and the lack of connections between platforms was causing a loss of valuable data.

The Solution

A central platform that bridges all their systems and a customized e-commerce platform to handle internal sales flows:

  • GoCall: for telephone sales

  • GoPaP: for door-to-door sales

  • GoWeb: for sales on the website

  • GoRenew: for contract renewals

The Results

  • Access to all sales metrics in real time through adjustable dashboards.
  • Fewer errors caused by manual data entry in the various applications.
  • Easy customer retention with GoRenew.
  • A sales team able to perform without friction.

Meet cGreen

cGreen is a professional company that specializes in lawn treatment in the province of Quebec. The company has over 40 employees (up to 100 during the high season with nearly 60 salespeople).

The company uses technology to stand out in an industry where the main differentiator has long been price.

Hugo and William, the founders of cGreen, contacted us towards the end of 2018 with an urgent request: to improve their sales process by connecting their software before their sales team’s training period.

The Challenges

  • The sales team was to be trained in December on the use of the new system. It gave us 30 days to build the first version of the platform.
  • The data pipeline was in total disarray. It required a lot of standardization and cleanup work to ensure the transition from their old CRM to the new platform.

Our advantage in this project

Under normal circumstances, it would be challenging to build a platform that meets users’ needs in 30 days. Fortunately, we had the perfect expertise to make this platform a success. Besides our specialization in cross-software automation, we have much experience in creating platforms for service companies.

Also, as Tooly’s founders combine nearly ten years of experience in managing mobile sales teams, we understood theusers’ reality.

Delivery of the GoSales module 30 days later

We delivered the GoSales sales module with two customized sales flows just in time for the season: GoPaP and GoCall. We added the third process, GoWeb, in April 2019.

The GoSales module acts as an e-commerce platform. It allows vendors to select services, customize services, and create service bundles to generate estimates and contracts automatically.

The platform also connects to Stripe for transactions, Sendgrid for emailing, and Zoho CRM to allow executives to create performance reports.

The three sales processes

  • Call center agents use GoCallto create estimates, contracts and collect payments.

  • Door-to-door salespeople use GoPapto create estimates, contracts and collect payments. Unlike GoCall, users have restrictions to avoid errors.

  • Customers can go on the site to generate an estimate for lawn care services with GoWeb. This module was delivered before the team appeared on the show ‘Les dragons.’ The result: 2000 estimates in 2 hours!

Phase 2: Optimizing production

After phase 1, the cGreen team wanted to improve the production process by their technicians. To optimize their routes based on customer addresses, our team integrated the Workwave software into our platform. From the application, technicians can change a contract’s status when it is completed to notify the portal that the deal is done.

The decision to choose an existing solution was strategic. It reduced development time and cost. Workwave already has a mobile application that allows technicians to use it easily on the road.

Phase 3: Recurring sales

With the 2020 sales season in sight, our mandate continued with the addition of the GoRenew sales flow, which allows for the renewal of contracts.

Now, when salespeople sign a contract, they can give the auto-renew option to the customer. Suppose a customer does not want to renew his contract automatically. In that case, GoSales will notify a salesperson when it’s time for a follow-up.

Phase 4: Optimization

Now that all the key modules are in place, the next step is to adjust the platform based on the cGreen team’s feedback. It is always recommended to adapt the interface and user experience of a platform to the users’ reality after the first interactions.

The future of cGreen

To maintain their competitive edge, the founders have already started planning to add features such as letting clients track their technicians in real-time, sending SMS notifications to customers, and adding supply and demand analysis algorithms.

We are optimistic about the future of the lawn care company. Hugo and William are ambitious, and it is a pleasure to support them in their growth.

Main Consultant: Mathieu Gratton Leclair

Services Summary

  • A self-service platform for sales teams allows the purchase of modular services according to 3 sales flows GoCall, GoPaP and GoWeb
  • A contract renewal feature
  • A billing system that self-diagnoses and detects potential financial problems in a contract
  • A system that detects the existence of a customer based on the address or email of a new contract
  • Upselland down-sell features that adjust contracts and billing automatically
  • A connection to the route optimization platform
  • Automatic creation of customized Pdf of contracts and estimates
Tooly and cVert

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