Step 1

Fill in a questionnaire with your team.

We have designed a diagnostic that evaluates more than 50 business parameters such as company objectives, tools currently in place, number of annual customers, communication tools used, etc.

Our diagnostic is focus on Ecommerce owner and help them make better software choices.

Step 2

Let our algorithm generate
the CRM TOP 3 for your company.

We have created an algorithm that helps you make the best software choices. Our algorithm is transparent and faster than any human being. It can analyze combinations of thousands of data in a matter of seconds. You will have the best recommendations for your Ecommerce.


30X faster than a consultant.

25X cheaper.

39,99$ per employee*

*Minimum price 199,99$ (5 employees)

Your diagnosis costs $39.99 per completed questionnaire.

I want to recieve the questionnaire

2 + 12 =


How do we make good recommendations?

Following the questionnaire, we evaluate more than 50 business parameters of your company. For example, the length of the sales cycle, the volume of your customers annually, your objectives, your fears, your problems, your priorities etc.

Your answers allow us to associate your business parameters with the functionalities of several CRM. We give better recommendations than the competition because we go further in the analysis of the functionalities of a CRM.


Is your satisfaction guaranteed?

Yes, at Tooly, we will refund you if you are not satisfied with your recommendation. However, you will have to demonstrate this to us because we are convinced that our recommendations are by far the best on the market.

Do we limit ourself to giving a recommendation?

In your recommendation report, you will have the TOP 3 of the best CRMs adapted to your company. We do not limit ourselves to giving you the names of the CRMs. We provide you with additional information to facilitate integration. You will also have an overview of your company with several scores and averages. For example, we highlight your employees’ main fears and priorities.

Why should you have your team complete the questionnaire?

Your team is a significant source of knowledge. Including them in the choice of your next CRM will increase the team’s sense of belonging and increase the adoption rate of your next CRM. Your employees have different fears and priorities. These differences will be taken into account in our recommendations.


Can we help you with the integration?

Yes, we are specialists in several software and we also have a list of Tooly certified integrators to help you integrate your CRM. We are able to offer you improvements in your processes, integrate your processes into your CRM and answer your questions.

Why are we specialized in online shops?

Having several customers in the field of Ecommerce, we have found the urgent need to have a transparent and efficient entity to recommend the best software to use according to your reality.

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